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Willowdale Holistic Center (WHC) provides an Energy Spa room with 8 recliners, 4 zero-gravity chairs with cushions, soothing music, enhanced water, blankets, and dim lighting for a relaxing energy enhancement experience. Our center currently hosts an 8-unit Energy Enhancement System and sessions are booked by appointment only.  WHC is a private membership association and signing up for our complimentary membership is required prior to using our services.

Take advantage of the Opening Sale of 35% off for EE System sessions of 1, 2, or 4 hours until May 27th!

Energy Enhancement System Sessions

Please call the center to book individual
Massage Sessions & Reiki Sessions

Wellness Workshops

Steps for Booking Your Session:
  1. Click the Book Now button below.

  2. Login tab – Create an Account or Login

  3. Go to the Store tab and select services and/or packages.

  4. If booking for others, please enter their information in the Anything else we should know? section by checking This is booked for someone else, entering information, and selecting Save Details.
  5. Next, please click on the green waiver button to complete the required membership agreement and waiver if not already completed. If a booking is for a minor, adults should also click the link to complete the agreement and waiver for a minor. Membership agreements and waivers must be signed before the first appointment.
  6. Book EES Session. You may book additional chairs for friends and family members.
  7. Select your chair on the Booking tab and the start time of your session. If booking back to back sessions (such as two 2 hour sessions) the system requires a 15 min gap between sessions.