Willowdale Holistic Center

willowdale holistic center

Willowdale Holistic Center is opening on May 13th!
Take advantage of our opening sale of 35% off Energy Enhancement System sessions for up to 4 hours!
Enter Code: open35 at check out.
The sale ends May 27th.

Welcome to
Willowdale Holistic Center!

We believe the body has the power to heal itself and our goal is to provide unique services to help one heal themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually in comfortable and peaceful surroundings.

The Willow Tree is the symbol of our center and represents stability, hope, and healing. Seen as a survivor that is capable of flexibility and adaptability, the tree represents our path to letting go of pain and suffering in order to gain strength and a renewal of self.

Energy Enhancement System

Treat yourself to the innovative technology of our 8-unit Energy Enhancement System (EE System).

Being more than just pretty colors on a screen, the EE System uses Bio-Scalar Technology to create a balanced field of energy. This life enhancing energy activates the cells of the body to regenerate and restore the body into a natural healing state.

Yoga Classes

Gentle Adaptive and Yin 75-minute Yoga classes are provided by Moonrise Yoga on Saturdays at 9:30am and 11:00am.

Go to www.MoonriseDelaware.com to book your sessions!

Reiki Sessions

Group Reiki sessions are held in the Energy Enhancement System room for a combination of amazing energy. Please go to the Events Tab for more information and click on the button to make your purchase and then reserve your seat!

Massage Sessions Coming Soon!


EEMedallions & EEBracelets

EESystem developed a proprietary process for permanently embedding the EESystem Technology into products. These hyper-charged medallions and bracelets provide mini bio-active fields that assist the wearer in withstanding the day-to-day disruptive environmental energy.
Available for purchase at WHC.

Sea Salt Blends

WHC blends of Sea Salt, Baking Soda and 2 TBS of EESalt are available for purchase with or without Borax. The ingredients are recommended by Dr. Michael for your post-session detox bath.
Available for purchase at WHC.


EESystem created a special bio-scalar enhanced blend of Sea Salts, Organic Ginger, Organic Tea, Aluminum Free Baking Soda, and Bentonite Clay to add to your detox bath.
Available for purchase at WHC.

What is being said about the Energy Enhancement System...

Visit UnifydHealing for testimonials from centers across the United States.